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Rattan Doors!

Well it's been a while, and a lot has been going on. My work has been leading me towards fabrication primarily, as I had to leave the estate agent! Since lockdown began their movements have become suspicious, and I became wary of being ripped off!!!

Anyway, moving swiftly on to something more gratifying, I made these Rattan panel doors!

You can see the whole job in photos on the front page of the website. It was a great challenge. From cutting the bamboo, which was harder than oak, to attaching the rattan to the frame, which was a new task to me, and considerably harder than it looks online. It marks a great advancement in my work, as I get back into the work I really enjoy which is on-site fabrication. As you can see here, I cladded the wardrobes in thinner bamboo (5mm) and formed the join in line with the decoration of the doors themselves. The customer requested bamboo shelves installed in the corner next to the second wardrobe, to make use of that space.

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