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What Have You Been Up To, Elephant?

Well since doing the rattan doors I have been involved in a diverse array of projects and programmes. I have made a soup caddy for our charity outreach, at my Rasta Church, I've done a brace of handyman jobs, adjusted my business to get the work I want, and, doors. Lots and lots of doors in the past few weeks for some reason. Still you know what they say, 'when one door is closed, many more are opened...'

I will show off the soup caddy in another post, once it is complete, as it has been in the testing phase.

Pot hook dropped out the ceiling:

I recieved a email through this website asking for a qoute to repair this small hole in the ceiling. A pot hook had come loose, when the customer pulled it out, this section of ceiling (1st picture) popped out with it.

In order to affect a seemless repair I have to cut out the hole square, fit new plasterboard, and skim with plaster or filler. On cutting out the hole I found that all the insulation was wet, the ply roof was crumbly, and mould was in the ceiling cavity. It seems that water had been ingressing for some time. On communicating this to my customer, I found that he has been advised, on buying the property, to get the flashing done on the flat roof of the single storey extension. Following my discovery he went ahead and arranged the works quickly!

Tiling for a local customer.

This customer took me shopping with her to buy all that she needed, and then during christmas and new year we had a hiatus. Then I was called back, once a new door had arrived, to perform the job.

I thought it would be such a gift of a job because the room is small and the cuts fairly simple. As the second picture shows, this was not the case. The precious tradesman had cut a number of corners, primarily the section to the rear of the room, where he had filled a cavity in the floor with tile glue. Also the tiles were laid on hardboard backers that had not been securely affixed. After exposing the mess at the rear, I filled it using ply fixed to the masonry underneath, and expanding foam to level off and seal. The third picture shows my tiling, the grey brick fashion pattern.

Home made gate!

My next customer made their own gate and wanted it installed.

It was a peice of cake. I am going back there tomorrow to cut in some doors (more doors!) so I am going to take a picture of the finished install. The weather wasn't nice so I didn't bother taking any photos, just wanted to get done and go home!

These are the customers pictures.

Day of the Handyman!

I took on a job from, where I get most of my work. The customer hired me for a day to perform a number of tasks. I had to put up bike mounts, mirrors, pictures, stick back coving, secure taps, renew silicone and tighten up some wobbly furniture.

Customer asked me if I want a cuppa. I have long since given up tea and coffee and I only drink certain herbal teas. As the customer went through the list of teas she had, my ears pricked when she said CBD tea! It was particularily tasty, and didn't get me high at all, so I was able to continue working!!!! In the second picture, although it looks like I am hiding from aliens, I am actually having a hard time tightening the tap! I like this picture because I look like my mother who passed away in August 2019 God RasTafari rest her soul. I had bough tap spanners yet the set didn't cover the size I needed. Fortunately I also had a socket ratchet and the exact right socket, elongated to the point where it could perform the task. Jah guidance indeed.

Look at this big job!

Again through I came to visit this space in Camden.

The job grabbed my attention as it is soundproofing for music and I am a carpenter who is also a musician and music producer. I looked about and worked out some solutions, went home and did some research. Yet the job was given to another carpentry team. Fair play, it was a bit dark and dingy anyway!

Doors Doors Doors.

In the last two weeks it has been nothing but doors. I had one to fit for the customer who's tiling I did. Then I cut in seven doors for my Dad. Following this I got a local job in Potters Bar to cut in four laminate doors, shown below.

This job was looking sweet, until I hung the 1st door. The customer had done a lot of the work in his place, and it was a very nice renovation. Yet the door stops were already installed, and they were the extra large ones, the architrave was fitted to them! The problem with this was that I couldn't alter their positions to let the door close! Also the floor was very uneven in places, and the same 1st frame was twisted!!! Arrrgghh! Still it was a pleasure to work for this customer and I swung all four doors, three of which were fire doors, and got the door gear on one of the doors, so not bad for one day.

Thats All For Now...

That's what I have been up to this past month. I leave you with this stunning picture of a stalagmite/tite whichever it is, that formed from a drainpipe in the industrial complex where my unit is located. I clocked it on the way to work and had to snap it with my camera!


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