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Cowboy Film Doors Are Great Fun

I installed these MDF saloon doors to a skincare specialists in London, using a fantastic method of end grain fixing I found here I used the dowel through the board from face to face and it really works. It was a nice job for me because I specialize in joinery as part of my handyman skill-set.

The Method

The doweling method is so strong I was able to hang the bespoke doors to the end grain of the MDF and the existing cupboard which I assume is also made of fiber board. What a neat trick, and what a neat little set of doors if I say so myself. I watched this video before embarking on making the doors. I would love to make something so elaborate but that can't be done for under £150, whereas these doors could!

The Hinges

Another brilliant bit of hardware I used to hang the doors is the double action sprung hinge

In Your Shop, Home, Office, Space........

Please see the homepage for more pics of the construction, and if you need a bespoke door solution or any other carpentry/joinery bits:

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