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A Sweet Sash Window Repair

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Earlier this month, about two weeks ago, sometime around 09/07/2020, I secured some work from the estate agents. It was my first decent job from them since the lock-down. A schedule of work involving repairing a hole in the wall, sticking back some tiles, and repairing a couple of broken sash windows! It was my first time repairing sash windows so I thought I'd display this job.

These are the photos I received of the defunct window. The chords had torn through. So I ordered some new sash rope from Screwfix, along with some other bits and pieces I needed for the job. If you navigate to the front page you can see the slides of the repair, all I wanted to do here was show a few videos. Screwfix took so long to get the chord, and I found it in stock at a Jewsons near the job, so I bought it from them instead.

I tried to thread the sash chord directly, and it kept getting lost in the frame somewhere.

Eventually I realized I would have to thread the chord with something less rigid that would navigate through the housing easily. I borrowed this old shoelace from the tenant's son.

After the process shown here, this is the final result.

It was an easy fix, more a matter of being patient and following procedure than anything else.

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